Thoughts on Adoption

There is a kind of nobility and unselfishness in opening your doors – and your heart – to a child in need. Not many can do it: to love another’s child as you would love your own, to care and provide for them, and let them hold your heart the way a mother’s heart would always, in some special way, belong to her children. It is indeed an admirable act of love that is so special, so familial.

You see, it is not the genes or DNA that a group of people share that make them a family. No, it is the love and support that exists between them. It is not upon the birth of a child that a mother becomes a mother but when her heart swells with love for the child in her arms. It is not when a baby comes into the world when a father becomes a father but when he feels the urge to protect the baby that he recognizes as his.

For many years, being adopted has been treated like it is something to be kept quiet, a secret that must be hidden from all. However, this must not be so. It has been popularly said that being adopted means the baby grows in their mother’s heart instead of her womb. A baby who is adopted should know that they are indeed special because they were specially chosen by their parents, handpicked among others.

While it is understandable that when a child finds out of their adoption later in life, they might feel a loss of their identity. They might feel anger and betrayal at being led to believe a lie played to be the truth. There is no reasonable way to discount what they might feel.

It is important to realize that being adopted does not make one any less a member of the family or any less loved than members who are biologically related. It should be remembered that above all, it is love that builds a family.