When Luke was no more than 3 months old, he was found abandoned in the dumpster behind a fast food chain. By the time he was 12, he had been through 27 foster homes and had been dragged home by policemen more times than you could count. He was 13 when he came into my life and changed me for the better. That was 5 years ago.

Of course, things were rough at the beginning. Luke was mistrustful, and he protected himself with such high walls. But when we showered him with love, support, and care, he began to let us in and allowed me to be a mother to him.

It wasn’t until three years ago, though, that Luke completely opened his heart to our family. This was thanks to the arrival of his new 4-month old sister, Alyssa. He immediately took a liking to her and had been helping out with her care ever since she arrived in our home.

Life has not always been easy for our family. It took a lot of adjusting, compromise, patience, and perseverance to get us to where we are now. This is what this blog post is about. I want to show you that the rough patches eventually smoothen out and that things definitely get better. Tough it out and realise that the love you will receive from that child and the brightness that will shine from their eyes once they realise that they have found a home in yours is worth every bit of struggle.

Adoption is one of the most beautiful and unselfish thing you could ever do. To open your home and your heart to a child who needs it is a noble act not many have the capacity to do. And perhaps to you, this may seem like it’s not a big fuss, but to a child, it could change their life.

Today, Luke spends his days busy filling out college applications, but he always makes time to read his sister a bedtime story every night. Life might have started out rough for us, but finding and learning to love each other has definitely taught us that there is more to being a family than biology.