An Open Letter to My Adoptive Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

My earliest memory was when I was 3. Both of you were there for my first day of school. Dad made a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes, and chocolate milk while Mom got me ready for my big day. After breakfast, we all got in the car and drove to school, and I remember you both watching me as I took a seat.

When I was 5, Dad taught me to ride a bike. He held on to the seat while he pushed me and we both cheered when I managed to balance myself for about 5 seconds. I scraped my knee and cried. Dad took me in his arms, treated my scraped knee, and encouraged me to try again. That day, I knew Dad was always going to be my hero.

When I was 12, I had my first “heartbreak” when the boy I liked moved out of town. Mom bought me my favorite ice cream, tucked me in bed, and made understand that life does not always go our way but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn something from every situation. That day, I knew Mom was always going to be my savior.

When I was 16, I had a school project that involved something about family history. I looked around the house for an extra family photo around to use for my project. Instead, I found adoption papers. That day, I doubted everything I thought I knew about myself.

We had a long talk that night. The resilience I thought I had gotten from Dad wasn’t working. My tears wouldn’t stop falling. You guys were crying, too. You offered to tell me everything I wanted to know about my real parents. You also offered to help me find them, if that was what I wanted. I remember thinking that that night, you two were strangers to me. I ran up to my room, slammed the door shut, and cried myself to sleep.

I refused to talk to either of you for days. I knew it was killing Dad that he couldn’t protect me from this. I knew it broke Mom’s heart that she couldn’t ease my pain. I felt hurt and angry and betrayed until I remembered all how much you both loved me. I look back at my childhood memories and realised, I had everything I ever wanted. So I looked for you both, hugged you, and told you how much I loved you.

You asked me again if I wanted to know more about my real parents. I said, no. You see, I already knew everything I ever wanted to know about my real parents because no matter what science or biology says, you two are the only parents I ever want and need.

With all my love,

Your Daughter